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Kassia Just Surfed the Brightest Supermoon in 69 Years

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Sometimes it’s nice to press pause and appreciate this radical bluegreen ball we live on that spins around that big yellow ball – not to be confused by the funky silver ball that orbits our bluegreen one. Just breathe it in and be present and appreciative of the unlikely phenomenon that we see things and think thoughts.

A “supermoon” – hasn't been seen in 69 years. What is a supermoon? Well, it’s when a full moon or a new moon coincides with the closest approach to the Earth on its elliptical orbit. Scientists call it a perigee-syzygy, but supermoon is a bit catchier, eh?

We celebrated by assembling a tribe of positive vibers in Kassia Meador, Colin Whitbread and some of LA’s finest, to gussy up with glowsticks and Christmas lights and get our shred on.

Not only was the lineup uncrowded (always a plus in Los Angeles), but hoots and electric, moonlit shakas made for an experience that re-energizes good vibes in a way the world needs right now. The great thing is that you could probably do this any night – gather friends and take advantage of how beautiful our coastal community is. Sometimes it just takes a rarely-occurring natural phenomenon to motivate you to actually make it happen. While the moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 2034, that’s alright. Tomorrow night would work just fine, too. Otherwise, we’ll see you in the ocean, under that icy bright moon in 18 years.

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