WOMEN ON WAVES: Celebrating International Women's Day

Poster for Women on Waves Paddle-Out Venice California 2024

On Friday, March 8th, in celebration of International Women's Day, we joined forces with the VSA, Moms Who Surf, and a vibrant community of mermaids across the greater LA area for an epic ladies paddle out.

As the sun rose, over 60 women gathered at the Venice Beach Pier, forming a circle of solidarity. Together, we engaged in gentle movement and embraced group meditation, fostering a profound connection to both our inner selves and the planet.

From this place of gratitude and unity, we embarked on a joyful dance with the waves, encouraging each other and sharing in the exhilaration of riding party waves and embracing epic vibes.

This year's turnout saw twice as many women as the previous one, adding to the electric atmosphere of love and joy. Being part of this empowering community is truly incredible, and we eagerly anticipate seeing you at next year's paddle out.

Let's make every day Women's Day and continue riding these waves of celebration and solidarity together 💪🏽 🏄🏽‍♀️

Written by Kassia Meador

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