Here at KASSIA+SURF we working our hardest to make you the best wetsuits & surf gear possible. 

Wetsuits need tender love and care just like you, especially if they’re going to last and wear the way they’re meant to. KASSIA+SURF is not responsible for wetsuits that are abused or show normal wear and tear over time. If you find a problem with the materials or seams due to manufacturer defects, please contact us.  

How to take care of your wetsuit

  • Do not put in washer or dryer
  • Rinse with cold water after every session
  • Hang to dry in shaded area (hanging in direct sunlight will fade colors and reduce the quality of the neoprene and smooth jersey vastly)
  • Change into and out of your wetsuit on soft, non-abrasive surface
  • Do not step on one leg to pull out other leg
  • Do not stress seams
  • Put wetsuit on legs first then pull up all the way before putting arms through one at a time
Keep away from sharp objects