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A global collaboration of scientists, engineers and talented designers have taken a leap towards truly sustainable surfboard construction, with the first 3D printed, compostable and recyclable board – built using algae and eco-friendly bio-resins.

The team behind the board dubbed it the "Dolphin Board of Awesome". Zach Ostroff, who's involved with the project, told MSW: "This is the very first 3D printed, compostable, recyclable surfboard ever made. The material we used for the green sections of the board are derived from algae in lakes in the middle of the United States of America where it's invasive and it's sucking oxygen out of the lakes and killing life. There's a company we work with who have figured out a way to collect that algae and turn it into a 3D printing ink. Then the other section is derived from plastic water bottles. Nate Petre who's the 3D printing genius behind making this whole board has a lab partner where he works in London and figured out a way to make the 3D printing ink out of those recycled plastic bottles."

Check out this video where we caught up with Zach to learn more about its construction and sent along nature loving activist, Kassia Meador to test it out.

Written by kassia meador

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