Kassia Meador’s Surf Diary Is Your Summer Dream

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“It’s that kind of dream of a life that balances surfing, good food, and living simply,” says Kassia Meador over the phone in Los Angeles yesterday. The professional surfer turned wetsuit and surf wax designer is describing what endears the cult beach film Morning of the Earth to her, but she might as well be talking about her own summer. Meador has spent the past few weeks bouncing between breaks in Malibu and Montauk, whiling away the between hours on stretches of golden sand with the lifelong friends she likens to siblings and continuing work on her forthcoming new candle line. “I’ve been on a real high lately,” she admits. Because whether she is bobbing on the horizon with fellow pro surfers Dane Peterson and Jared Mell, enjoying a meditative moment of solitude on the nose of her longboard, cooking fresh vegetables in the Hamptons, or hand-dyeing alpaca sweaters, she is embracing the sense of fun and freedom that drew her to the sport in the first place. “Summer to me is about having those long days in the sun with good people, tiring yourself out [in the waves], sitting around a fire at the end of it telling stories and playing music. Surfing is a big part of that.” Here, she shares a photo diary of her latest adventures and upcoming projects—and don’t be surprised if you get the itch to catch a few waves yourself.

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