Who We Are

California born and bred, Kassia Meador began surfing at age 14. By 17-years-old, Kassia was a sponsored pro-longboarder, traveling the world. Known for her graceful surf style, Kassia was crowned the "queen of noseriding" by the New York Times and in 2011 ranked 2nd on the WSL women's longboard tour.

Throughout her career as a competitive sponsored athlete, Kassia was actively involved in designing products under the umbrella of her sponsors. In 2013, Kassia left sponsored surfing to build a brand--that focused on quality instead of quantity, working towards more conscious solutions rather than contributing to the larger global issues.  In 2015 she launched KASSIA+SURF, a brand for women by women with design rooted in authenticity gained through 23 years experience. 

Since launching, KASSIA+SURF has pushed the limits of women's surf culture, lifestyle, and design.  With a mission to create the most functional wetsuits, accessories, and lifestyle gear in the highest vibe lowest impact wayKASSIA+SURF is about supporting you in exploring this beautiful external world and expanding your magnificent unique internal world. Through the water and riding waves we invite you to empower yourself and your community to expand your mind, body, and soul through healthy active lifestyle choices and experiences. Be that change and lead the charge!

Most importantly, we don’t just create the tools for this lifestyle--we live it!  Our priority is to raise awareness and lead by example.  It’s what inspired the wetsuit recycling program; to encourage all oceanic enthusiasts to rethink tossing out old neoprene.  We lend our voices to issues that impact us all globally and give back in different ways to organizations and brands that share the same mission to be positive changemakers, together we can!