When we first started KASSIA+SURF it was a two-part mission; to create the best women's wetsuits on the market and to develop a wetsuit recycling concept that allowed for a more sustainable solution at the end of a wetsuits life.

We are excited to bring the second part of our mission into a reality with our Wetsuit Recycling Program. We've teamed up with Suga to create recycled yoga mats out of 100% old wetsuits and neoprene scraps from our cutting room floor.

As friends, supporters, and lovers of this earth, we're asking you to send us your old wetsuits to help us in keeping them out of landfills and giving us the opportunity to up-cycle them into new and useful lifestyle products. As a thank you for helping us make the world a cleaner place, we will give you a special discount to use on kassiasurf.com.

  • 1 Suit = 10% off
  • 2 Suits = 15% off
  • 3 Suits = 20% off
  • Discount can be used on orders of $80+

To send us your old wetsuits, all you need to do is download our WETSUIT RECYCLING FORM, complete all the fields, box up your old wetsuit(s) and include the form, and ship the wetsuit(s) back to the address provided on the form.  We strongly encourage using recycled packaging.

Once we receive your old suit(s) we will send you an email confirmation along with your discount code. Shop away and smile knowing you are helping our planet! Together there are so many ways we can reshape our world into a more conscious sustainable tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help and support and see you out in the water, sea lovers.

Click HERE for instructions