KASSIA+SURF is more than just superior quality wetsuits and surf gear.  With design rooted in experience and authenticity, we set out to create in the most sustainable way possible; for our planet and for our future.  KASSIA+SURF repurposes all our cuttings to create new products keeping any unused materials for more magic rather than for the landfills.

KASSIA+SURF didn’t just set out to produce, we set out to inspire and empower women to expand their minds, bodies, and souls through healthy active lifestyle choices and experiences.

We use local vendors for many of our goods, thinking about and working towards lessening our impact on the environment any chance we get.  We create more conscious, sustainable and thoughtful products to accompany you on your journey wherever it may take you.

Most importantly, we don’t just create this way--we live it.  Our priority is to raise awareness and lead by example.  It’s what inspired our wetsuit recycling program as a way to encourage all oceanic enthusiasts to rethink tossing out old neoprene.  We get our hands dirty as often as we can, including hosting local monthly beach cleanups.  We lend our voices to issues that impact us all globally and give back in different ways to brands that have the same mission so supporting us, means supporting them.