Introducing the "AQUEOUS": the Lady Log you have been waiting for

Kassia Meador and Dane Peterson with the Aqueous surf board

We were thrilled to see all of you at the LowTide Popup shop on Sunday, February 25th, for the launch of the "AQUEOUS"!

Dane Peterson and I share a lifelong passion for surfing the cobblestone point breaks of LA, and our friendship spans over 27 years. As an exceptional shaper and renowned logger, Dane's expertise has been instrumental in bringing this project to life.

Woman smiling at the launch of the Aqueous surf board launch

The "AQUEOUS" represents the culmination of our friendship and over two years of dedicated focus and attention to detail.

Designed specifically for smaller framed people and or female surfers, this new longboard model was created to deliver powerful turns from the tail while effortlessly gliding and maintaining control from the nose.

Dane Peterson at the launch of his Aqueous surf board

 During the event, we had the opportunity to showcase the evolution of the "AQUEOUS". We were privileged learn about this journey from it's conception over two years ago to its final form after seven iterations, showcased through the order cards in the wall at the event.

Available in sizes ranging from 9'1 to 9'7, including the 9'3 and my personal favorite, the 9'5, this board is ready to elevate your surfing experience 🌊 ✨  

Order yours today from our friends at Unhinged Surfboards


Diagrams of the Aqueous surfboard


📷 Images courtesy of Beth O’rourke


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