Unity in Community: Celebrating Women's Month

Women gathering with surfboards

On Sunday, March 10th, in celebration of Women's Month, Stacie from Slo Studio Ceramics, Tara from Tara Noelle Jewelry, Lara Einzing from Women Making Waves, and I joined forces with The Surfrider Hotel Malibu to orchestrate a memorable morning of meditation, wavering and a panel discussion.

The day started with some movement on the sand followed by a serene water meditation, forming a circle in the ocean to connect with our inner selves. Afterward, we paddled to the point to catch a few waves before convening at The Surfrider Hotel Rooftop for refreshments and an engaging panel discussion with Lara, Tara and I led by Stacie.

During the discussion, each of us shared our experiences as women in business, reflecting on the journey of branching out independently to create from the heart. We delved into the transformative power of mentorship and the importance of fostering a supportive community.

Participating in this dialogue was both an honor and a pleasure, as I had the opportunity to share my own story and connect with fellow women entrepreneurs. The event resonated deeply with attendees, as evidenced by the influx of messages expressing inspiration and gratitude.

Witnessing women come together to uplift and empower one another fills my heart with joy and gratitude.

Let's continue to cultivate these moments of unity and support. Here's to more gatherings like this in the future! 🌙 💫

Por Kassia Meador

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