Palo Santo Fanatic Stack 7 Bar Wax Pack - 6 Month Subscription

$ 240.00

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6 Month Subscription
Save Time, Energy, and $48!

Enroll in our Wax Subscription Club and pay for six months up front to receive a new 7 bar stack of KASSIA+SURF Palo Santo Surf Wax every month at a discount!

    Each month you will receive 7 bars of your selected temp in the mail. Every six months, the payment option you select today will be automatically charged for another six month subscription. You can change your subscription Temperature or Stack Size, Shipping Address, or cancel your subscription any time by logging in to your account. Canceling your subscription will not issue a refund, it will cancel any future charges to your account - you will continue to receive your monthly stack until your current subscription ends.


      Palo Santo is a tree burned by Shamans and Medicine people for it's energy cleansing and healing properties. That is why we infused our magic wax with it to help you clear your energy before each session. Our triangle shape is built to snap a piece off and save the rest for later so each bar lasts you longer and you always have a corner...PAUSE * CENTER * RESET

      • COLD * >60°F
      • COOL * 58-68°F
      • WARM * 65°F<

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